Research & Teaching

The newly renovated and updated HPL removes the traditional barriers between the classroom, research laboratory, and real-world learning by providing an interactive environment where students and faculty can merge the experiences.

Exercise Science Master’s student Morgan Colling receives Best Research Award at the 13th Annual Capital Graduate Research Summit in Topeka, KS. This was a collaborative study between the HPL and the Software Usability Research Laboratory in Human Factors on Mobile text input on a Smartwatch QWERTY Keyboard.
Dr's Patterson, Cluff, & Mahapatro from BioMedical Engineering visit NASA Langley Research Center with undergraduate students.
Testing of the MS HoloLens while doing physical activities.

Our Research

The HPL has a rich research culture that is nationally and internationally recognized. We provide expert research supervision and welcome enquiries from prospective research students interested in developing new projects.

For further information about becoming a research student or about project areas, please contact Professor Jeremy Patterson.

Dr. Patterson performing work simulation exercises at Johnson Space Center.
Graduate students conducting a reliability study on our patented physiological monitoring software.
Students use isokinetic dynamometry for strength assessments.
Graduate students conducting a study to assess the metabolic cost of exercising with elastic bands.